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The Paradise Virus

Thriller | Family Drama

A picturesque island resort becomes a dangerous hot zone when a deadly contagious virus begins spreading like wildfire. Luckily, a vacationing college micro-biology professor is on the case and working on a cure. Lorenzo Lamas, Melody Thomas Scott, Gregory Wooddell, and Kristen Swieconek star in this gripping thriller.

Starring Lorenzo Lamas, Melody Thomas Scott

Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith

Produced by Sylvia Hess (as Sylvia Gasper), Brian Trenchard-Smith

Music by David Reynolds

Selected Cues

Paradise Virus was the first time I worked with director Brian Trenchard-Smith (He went on to hire for three more films).  The themes for this film were written to the script, while Brian was on location shooting the film.

Film Clip

The Paradise Virus - "Virus Theme"