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Free 2 Be Me


A documentary film about an amazing group of dancers, all of whom happen to have Down Syndrome.


Directed by Jeannette Godoy

Produced by Jordan Brady

Edited by Nate Gross

Music by David Reynolds



Selected Cues

When Jeannette Godoy told me about her documentary film, Free 2 Be Me, I knew it was a project I had to work on.  This film is hopeful and inspiring, while at the same time giving us a glimpse into the lives of a few families who have Down kids and the struggles they face every day.  It was important that the music not try to be overly emotional one way or another, but provide a solid backdrop for the narrative of this story.

A majority of the score features my 1928 Steinway piano. It was purchased by my great grandmother, and still has all it's original parts (including the strings!).  The piano doesn't sound perfect, but it has a ton of character, much like the dancers in this film - their movements aren't always perfect, but they have a ton of commitment and character.

Film Clip

Free 2 Be Me - "Free 2 Be Me"

This is the opening scene to this wonderful documentary about teaching dance to kids with Down Syndrome and how that can change their lives for the better.  Musically we wanted to accentuate the fun and joy dance brings, while at the same time echoing the emotional charged, positive life changing effect it has on these kids and their families.