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Earth vs The Spider

Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller

A shy, obsessive comic book fan gets injected with an experimental serum of a lab that is studying how to give humans the abilities of spiders. At first he develops minor abilities such as increased strength, which allows him to fight local criminals and bullies, thus living out his dream of being a superhero, and impressing his attractive next-door neighbor. Then he loses control over the force with which he applies his increasingly deadly abilities, as well as his judgment to discern between criminals and jokesters. His dream becomes a nightmare when he starts growing large spider body parts, he's in constant pain, and he develops a nearly insatiable hunger. A detective with a traumatized wife begins investigating when bodies covered in cobwebs and spider venom start piling up.

Starring Dan Aykroyd, Devon Gummersall, Amelia Heinle

Directed by Scott Ziehl

Produced by Stan Winston, Lou Arkoff, Colleen Camp

Music by David Reynolds

Selected Cues

Earth v Spider was my second HBO Creature Feature film (I scored 3 of 5 films in the series).  For the Main Title, I created a big band styled superhero theme.  As the film progressed,  I deconstructed this theme, devolving it into some brass based horror / thriller music to match the de-evolution of our hero, as he turned from a Spider Man type crime fighter to a hideous man-eathing spider creature. The two cues featured here, while totally different, are actually based on the same theme.

Film Clip

Earth vs The Spider - "Main Titles"