climb poster.jpg

Climb - Short Film

Family Drama

A narrative drama about a man’s journey to find peace and beauty in his own death, and his granddaughter’s unwillingness to let him go.

Written and Directed by Ryan Todd

Produced by Kelly Todd, Jose Bedia JR, Andre L III

Music by David Reynolds

Solo Cello By SImone Vitucci

Selected Cues

This is my second collaboration with writer/director Ryan Todd (The Contract).  I love his filmmaking.  He always wants the score to play and integral part in the storytelling, which is exciting for me as a film composer.  Ryan loves the piano, and so that instrument always plays an important role in the scores for his films.  This score also features some gorgeous solo cello played by the fabulous Simone Vitucci.  Because of Simone's beautiful playing, I think cello is Ryan's new favorite.

Climb Soundtrack Album On You Tube

Score from the short film Climb - music by David Reynolds (feat. Simone Vitucci, solo cello).  

To navigate, click on the track names in the video (desktop only).

Here's a video soundtrack album I'm testing.  It features stills from the scenes that were scored.  I feel it gives a sense of the film while still featuring the score.

Session Photos