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Tile is the world's largest lost and found.

Just attach, stick or drop your Tile into any item you might lose: laptops, wallets, keys, guitars, bikes—you name it. Then get on with the fun.

Tile Music

Mike Farley (Tile Co-Creator) contacted me about creating a recognizable sonic brand identity for the Tile and the Tile app.  Having never done anything like this before,  I was excited for the challenge.  I was tasked with creating all the music/sounds that the Tile and Tile app would play.

As of June 2014, Tile is shipping it's first run.  To date, it has sold more than 500,000 units.

Here's a video explaining what Tile is.  NOTE:  I did not create the music for this video.

Get your Tile now at http://www.thetileapp.com Video by Feedback LLC brad@feedback-llc.com Tile will help you never lose anything again! Key, wallets, purses, suitcases, bikes, and anything else. Just stick it on and Tile has you covered