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The Contract - Short Film



Ethan, a single father caring for his newborn son Michael, is fatally wounded in a convenience store robbery. On the verge of dying, he is approached by a mysterious customer who offers him a second chance. Left with no other choice, Ethan enters into an agreement. He has life back, but something is definitely wrong. He will soon learn his fate; that even though he will be there to raise his son, everything comes with a price...

Starring  Adam Korson, Jack Coleman

Directed by Ryan Goldstein

Produced by Kelly Sullivan, Rebecca Rosenthal

Music by David Reynolds

Selected Cues

The Contract is a wonderful short film.  Ryan Goldstein (writer/director) asked me to write the score for his film, and after seeing it I was compelled to do it.  Ryan's vision called for the score to be a major participant in the storytelling.  The result was a terrific collaboration. 

Film Clip

The Contract - "The Contract"

This is the pivotal scene in the film, where our hero has to make a critical choice that will alter his future forever.  Here I was able to bring several of the film's musical themes together to create the cue for this scene.  As you'll see (and hear), the music plays a huge role in this film.